Echoing the raw power and distorted pop of the 90s alternative scene, Elyse & the Affair burst from Canada with relentless energy and invigorating hooks. Led by singer/songwriter Elyse Robineault, the group recalls jagged and pounding guitar riffs, filtered through a dreamy melancholy and bittersweet feminine crooning voice.

Also featuring guitarists Karine Tremblay and Sebastien Savoie, bassist Dom Fortin, and drummer Sergio Caluori, Elyse & the Affair unpack two decades of experience and offer an electrifying introduction that wastes no time in reeling in listeners.

For Robineault, the band represents the sum total of years as a road warrior. Since releasing her album Sortilège in 2006, Robineault has logged in hundreds of gigs, including Le Studio Théâtre de la Place des Arts, Le Gesu, Les FrancoFolies, and two musical tours for the Canadian Forces.

With roots in the Berry Shandy, a Cranberries tribute group, Elyse & the Affair have uncovered their own sound, one that is influenced by the groundbreaking modern-rock revolution of the 90s but with its eyes on the future.